Thank you Liverpool Sound and Vision (Jan. 2023 magazine)

 Singer songwriter, Gloria Taylor has the passion to make your skin feel lighter and blessed, and your heart beat with a sense of an indulgent wish fulfillment. Her EP "Sun" sweeps the listener as though they are settled on a beach with a great warmth of an ocean lapping at their feet, so the great sense restorative illumination comes to dispel bad karma and ill effects of life.

Thank you Indie Boulevard! (Dec. 2, 2022 magazine)  

"Sun reveals its potential after the first few minutes, and does not let it go until the last track. Caught for a moment in the world of tenderness, sun, moon and nature, you do not want to leave from there. This is excatly the kind of healing that Gloria Taylor offers the listener, eclectic, calm and peaceful."


Thank you Old Grey Cat! (Nov. 2022)

 "Sometimes music finds you most when you need it. Such was the case with Sun, a five-track EP from SoCal-based singer-songwriter Gloria Taylor, which perched on the horizon of my soul Monday morn and bathed me in light. It’s a folk-flavored song cycle inspired by her volunteer work as a sound healer during the pandemic and, as one might expect from that insight, touches upon life, love and more. The songs themselves are accented by her warm vocals and ethereal harmonies, while traces of Simon & Garfunkel, Jackson Brown, Christine McVie and Joni Mitchell echo through out. It's a meditative wonder."


Thank you Ian Hall at Liverpool Sound and Vision! (Jan. 2023)

GloriaTaylor's EP "Sun" is a peace restored, a world world without shadow, and it is worth the illumination your recieve in kind.


Thank you Grungecake!  (June 20 edition)

"I wouldn’t mind waking up to Gloria Taylor’s voice every morning ... I think she has a vocal ability to soothe any hot-head as long as they’re willing to give her the time of day. The Wilmette, Chicago-native artist has a celestial sensibility to its delivery"

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Gloria's new EP "Sun" is available now!