From the recording Sun

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Walk- right in, feel the quiet rumbling.. see through windows, that can spin
Find- your place, smell the ancient rush of pine, floating heaven gently, across her face

Dreams carry light in the sequence of time. The birth of a prayer you though you left behind
Ooh Sweetnes cries- ooh sweetness cries- I'm alive

Seasons sing- hearts reach out remembering, tender moments hanging by a string
Breathe, breathing in- some take more than others, but it always works itself out in the end

Truth knows its place in the sequence of time, the birth of a dream you thought u left behind
Ooh sweetness cries ooh sweetness cries- Im alive

Overnight- lighting splits my world in two- changing all I thought I knew, was right
If I could have- just one moment of time- Id walk through the sun and thank God you're alive
Ooh sweetness cries ooh sweetness cries