1. You Know

From the recording Sun

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When you hear it break, and you start to shake
And you wanna go, but you wanna stay
And that part of you has a lot to say
And you're feeling raw cause you lost your way
and it's not ok it's not ok... You know, you know

When your soul cries, and the world lies
And the edges feel terrifying , and the other choices feel like dying
And you take a chance, though it won't fit
but you stand in front inspite of it... You know, you know

Reaching up moving on over- underneath turning around
Dancing deeper within, shedding my skin- singing
Falling backwards through timewatch it unwind- wondering

When the air is thick, And its hard to breathe
And you wanna run and you wanna fly
So you scream it out to the angry sky
And it won't make sense when you ask him why
And he looks at you and you close your eyes
And it's not ok- it's not ok -it's not ok.... you know, you know